How To Take Care Of Your Brain In Old Age?


How To Take Care Of Your Brain In Old Age?

As we age many of us will tend to be more absentminded. What we might not realize though is that we can also expect to see our command dwindle. Fluid intelligence is negatively identified with age means that the older we come to be the slower we get.

Now, the question arises what is intelligence? The nature of genius and how to gain it?

When numerous of suppose about perfecting brain health. What we are interested in is boosting our intelligence.

If we become more intelligent then we can solve the problem easily and efficiently. But increasing intelligence is not a simple thing. It is an abstract concept.

What even is intelligence? Is intelligence just one thing or is it multiple things? Many questions come to our minds. Let's take a closer look.

A modular approach to intelligence

If you take the illustration that intelligence has lots of effects then that would mean you took a modular approach to it.

In other words, it states that you view intelligence, not as a single thing but rather as many separate things free from one another. This seems to create a sense when we consider someone who can be fantastic verbally but not so good at a skill.

Or some people have a lot of knowledge called crystallized intelligence whereas others are better at abstract puzzles called fluid intelligence?

Psychologist Howard Gardner described us as having multiple intelligence that may collect some negative correlation between types of intelligence. In other words, being smarter in one sphere makes you less smart in another!

Overall smart

But this is a somewhat frustrating answer because it suggests that there may be no singular way to come more intelligent. One approach also might be to prize one form of intelligence over the others. What cognitive capability will bring you the stylist results across the board?

If you were to try and mimic the brain of Einstein also you might concentrate on your special reasoning. Einstein had better spatial intelligence which is reinforced by his explanations of how he came up with ideas.

Brain connectivity

But Einstein also had another interesting point in his brain. He had a particularly thick corpus callosum. His left and right components were more at communicating with one another.

Numerous psychologists have defined that the easiest way to watch global intelligence is to develop links between different brain regions. Which in turn allows you to come up with further new ideas and manipulate information in different ways.

Now the question becomes: How do you increase your connectivity?

And the answer is probably a combination of the correct training and literacy, particularly at younger periods along with a more plastic brain. Plasticity is the capability we have to adapt our brains to any given situation like a muscle and this could be what allows us to quickly learn a new task and grow specific regions and connections that we need at any given time.

You might remember being told to stop playing video games when you were a child. Probably your parents were worried that they were going to make you into a violent thug. Or maybe they were concerned that would damage your eyes and melt your brain.

Well, the time is over, you just ignore them. computer games are incredibly good for you and can improve all manner of cognitive abilities making you objectively smarter across the board.

In a lot of computer games, the player will need to decide which target to prioritize or how to evade enemy fire when his health is low. This kind of concentration and quick decision-making is a valuable life skill.

More surprisingly, it was found that these participants also exhibited greater visual acuity. Computer games speak to our primary desire to learn and challenge ourselves.

Most of us will do the same thing day in and day out which is something that the brain finds boring. Eventually, the brain will set in its way and stop learning and adapting.

But every time you pick up a new computer game you are forced to learn new controls and navigate a new environment. In short, it's like learning a whole set of new motor skills while simultaneously exploring a new world which is excellent for your brain.

This is the equivalent of learning chess and then another new game than performing maths puzzles it keeps the brain constantly guessing and flexible and it creates all kinds of neural connections. Combine this with the competitive element and the release of dopamine that comes from solving problems and you have a formula that will keep the brain nimble and fluid even as you get older.

One of the big problems as we get older is that we tend to stop learning new things or subject ourselves to new experiences. This can lead to the brain becoming less malleable and adaptable to the connections that you no longer use will be pruned and the ones that you do use will become strengthened making it hard to learn new tricks like an old dog!

This will also diminish the number of neurochemicals like dopamine and norepinephrine you produce. The result is that you come to be less interested in new effects less motivated and generally less cognitively nimble.

Move more

What's highly important is to move your body more. The brain is designed for moving the body and thus the primary way that it learns about its environment. The more you move around and the more you challenge yourself to learn further motor movements the more your brain will grow and Strengthen.

This has been demonstrated in research where it has been seen that people who move less as they get older will come to be more likely to see a decrease in fluid intelligence.


We all knew that nutrition is an important part of enhancing our brain power and keeping it optimal as we age. Part of good nutrition is to fuel your brain. It means amino acids repair damage to saturated fats to help with communication through the brain and vitamins and minerals to help with synthesising neurochemicals and producing signals throughout the brain. Besides antioxidants help to protect the brain from damaged free radicals.

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