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The Top Nutrients For Strengthening Brain Health!

Are you looking to improve your brain Power? To become more focused and more alert while enhancing your mood sleep as well as your physical dexterity?

One alternative is to charge your brain with good nutrients and supplements. Many of these can make a significant improvements in the field of mental performance.

This article will present the top nutrients that strengthen and can maintain brain health. All you have to do is check you eat as numerous of them as you can regularly. Look at them to find out what they are and how they work.


Carbs are major and unable to avoid part of many diets. But despite popular opinion, they are not 'bad' for you. Though some research argues that eating low carbs diet can decrease brain power and IQ.

The reason is that carbohydrates provide the brain with immediate energy in the form of glucose. When you deny taking this glucose you prevent it from getting a primary energy source which in turn creates brain fog.

The best types of carbohydrates though do not release energy quickly potentially giving a sudden increase in energy.

Complex carbs are your friends-carb combined with fats and fibres. Oates is said to be a complex carb and eating these for breakfast can set the brain up for performance.

Amino acids Minerals and vitamins

Amino acids and vitamins in the diet play an important role to boost our brain power. Essential amino acids are the structure buildings of proteins. And their importance comes from their use in creating a large number of chemical messengers.

Now the question arises what are chemical messengers? Chemical messengers are chemicals in the brain that can trigger and develop various brain States like alertness or relaxation. They help regulate our mood and improve our memory. Amino acids various vitamins and minerals are responsible for several of these roles.

Some key amino acids and vitamins/minerals that help to boost the production of brain chemicals include:

• L-tyrosine

• Tryptophan

• Magnesium

• Vitamin B6

• Vitamin C


The egg is said to be a rich source of protein because it contains choline. It is a substance that provides structure building for another chemical messenger. Besides eggs are high in vitamin D magnesium B6 and B12.


Vasodilators in the diet spread the blood vessels to increase the blood flow properly. As a result, more oxygen and more nutrients make it to the brain and function greatly.

The important natural form of vasodilators is garlic and beetroot. That's why some athletes take beetroot juice for this very reason. Vitamin B12 is also a vasodilator. So one more reason to eat eggs.

Cognitive Metabolic Enhancer

This is a very creative term for any nutrient that helps to improve cell function. Best examples include resveratrol lutein and carnitine all present in the diet. All these nutrients assist the cells to develop the function of mitochondria. This in return gives you more energy to think and create more alert and attentive.

What do avoid?

You should avoid processed food. This will cause inflammation in the brain due to the high omega-6 content. It will give you immediate spikes and troughs in sugar.

Secondly, it will fill you up without providing any of the nutrients your body needs. Avoid sugary snacks such as cakes, chocolates, and crisps as well as ready meals.



Vinpocetine is a medicated vasodilation. It works similarly to beetroot and garlic. By expanding blood vessels and the flow of blood fluently.

But the main difference with vinpocetine is that it acts generally on the frontal cortex. It means that the impact is the most useful part of the brain.

Omega 3 Fatty Acid

Omega 3 fatty acid boosts cell membrane porousness. This means the cell wall comes to be more flexible and helps to avoid damage from free radicals and other agents. It makes your brain cells healthy and speeds up the signals to move through the brain while you are thinking.


Creatine allows the cells to recycle ATP. ATP is the primary form of energy that the cells are made up of. The long and short of it is you can concentrate a little harder or a little longer. Studies show that it can increase IQ scores.


Caffeine is known as a nootropic. Most people use it daily to become more active and boost their minds. In other words, caffeine gives quick growth in mental power. Studies also show it can be fought against Alzheimer's when used in the long term.


If you find that caffeine creates you too tense then green tea is the only substitute that makes you calm.

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